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Ellie Bryce

Ellie Bryce

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Ellie (Elspeth) Bryce, I’m 14 years old, and I’m based in Stirling. I’ve ridden since I could sit up and can’t imagine life without horses. I’ve had My Work Of Art (aka Pi) for nearly 2 years now. I’ve been a member of the West Perthshire Pony Club since I was 4. This is where my obsession with horses began. Pony Club is a fabulous starting point as it allows riders to try all aspects of equestrianism. My goal in life is to represent my country in Eventing, it’s going to be a long road but I’m determined to give it a try!

Eventing is the combination of three disciplines, dressage, show jumping and cross country. Your horse needs to be obedient to subtle aids for the dressage, careful not to touch poles show jumping and bold enough to take on solid fences, with variable ground conditions and speed for cross country.

When I was 11 nearly 12 I did my first BE 80T at Dalkeith on my 14hh pony, Toffee, and much to my surprise we were placed 4th! I finished that season having done 4 80T’s and loved every one of them. The following year my first event was Burgham, with no 80 I decided to go 90.  I was very pleased with him as it was a huge 90 track and we only had a pole in the show jumping and an annoying stop XC due to a rider error. Toffee would always try his little heart out so I decided it was only fair to not push him too far, so sadly I felt that knowing this was his limit and knowing I was going to want to go 100 at some point I made the heart breaking decision that it was time he taught someone else, and I had to look for a new horse, which turned out to be Pi. 

Pi joined the family in March 2015 to enable me to compete at BE100 and above but it took us a year to become a team capable of reaching this goal. All year we worked together with BE U18 coaches and Stephanie O’Neil to bring us to the level we needed to be at for the season ahead. 

Last season (2016) was Pi’s first ever event season and, I think, it’s fair to say we had our ups and downs but Pi improved hugely throughout. The eventing season starts around the end of March and finishes in October. We started out competing at 90, and moved to 100 after three events. Pi’s last 90 was at Floors Castle where we had a PB dressage score of 30, 1 pole SJ and 10 time penalties for going too fast! Which unfortunately knocked us out of the placings. Stepping up to BE 100 proved eventful with Pi battling her willfulness against mine but towards the end of the season Pi and I were placed 3rd at Cumwhinton and 4th at Aswanley. 

A great way to finish the season and a fantastic place to start in 2017.





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