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2017  - The Start

2017 - The Start

After a very well deserved rest for Pi in October training for the 2017 season starts for us in November. Fitness and muscle building are the initial phase we both need to complete before the technical challenges we need to perfect can be started. I don’t have the luxury of an indoor arena or even an all weather surface so the challenges I face over a typical Scottish winter can be very variable from fields that are more like swimming pools to riding in driving wind, snow and hail stones! Rising at 5am every day also takes its toll when the weather is against us but walking into the stables every morning being greeted by Pi wakes me up.

The New Year starts and The U18’s ‘Starting Right’ day at Ingliston beckoned. It proved disappointing as I felt we had maybe taken a step back in our ability over the winter but that’s what training days are for, to show us our strengths and weaknesses with the coaches so they can guide us through to the next level. 
With our fitness continuing to improve I decided to run Pi at an arena event at Rockrose Equestrian Centre. With a small mistake in the entries Pi and I ended up in classes bigger than I had thought. This was going to test us a little more but I thought I’d give it a go since we had done so much training over the bigger heights anyway.
We had several poles down in our classes but I couldn’t have been happier with Pi, she tried so hard and helped me through my nerves, we proved we could get round, we just needed to get better! As we packed up Jim from ARD approached me and asked if I would like to be a Brand Ambassador for his company, Would I Iike?! I was delighted to accept!
I had met Jim at various events last season and was aware he supported a number of riders and events. 
We had a brief chat about what it would involve and I received my first items of branded kit, I left Rockrose grinning like a Cheshire Cat.
Being a Brand Ambassador for ARD makes me even more determined to succeed at my goals.

February saw us heading south to an amazing training facility in Cheshire called Somerford Park Farm. The eventing camp, organized by David Lawson, allowed us to have intense coaching in all phases over three days. It was a challenge with again very early starts as my first lesson of the day was at 7:30am.  
We covered all phases of eventing over the course of the camp with lessons from three different instructors. 
On the Saturday Jim came down to see the training and met up with another of his supported riders, Sarah Hutchison, who was at the camp also.
The venue is amazing and I hope we can go back for more training there.

Not wanting to waste an opportunity the week following was my school break so we headed north to Stephanie O’Neil and Wills Oakdens yard where I was lucky enough to work in exchange for coaching. 
I go to their yard on a regular basis for coaching with Stephanie who has helped us get to the stage we are at.

BE are very good at organising training both as a specatator and as a rider. This year we were treated to Richard Waygood who was the Coach for the British CIC 2* European Eventing Team. We had a great evening leaving inspired and with plenty of training exercise ideas to try at home. I also had the opportunity to be coached by him while he was up and thoroughly enjoyed my lesson. Just to show that no matter what level you are at as a rider you never stop learning there were several eventers at 2* and above also having a session with him!
Onwards now and its time to put all the training into practice, Burgham International we are coming to get you.




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